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Exporting to Excel and PDF

The export option is available in almost all lists. The option is available at the end of the list (bottom right-hand side).

The list shows up to 200 items per page. You can view the number of pages and the total number of items in the bottom of the page.

If you export the list from the first page, the system export all items. If the export is clicked from 2,3, and further pages, the system export all next items starting from the page you are on.

For example, I have 377 companies and when I export the list from the first page, the Excel and PDF shows all 377.

However, when I go to the second page and export the list, the system export all next items (remaining 177).

Thus, if you would like to export all items, then you need to go to the first page and then click Export.

Export Limit

If you list includes more than 1000 items, you cannot export all items into one Excel of PDF because each exported file can have up to 1000 items.

For example, I have 2000 companies and I want to export all. So from the first page, I can export 1000 and then I go to the page number 6 and export the rest 1000 items.

You can request the support team to increase the export limit to ease your processes. Please contact

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