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New User Interface

We are delighted to introduce the new user interface of our application to customers.

It is simple, straightforward and more up-to-date.

In order to get started with the new user interface faster, we would like to explain where to find and use the functions since it looks totally different now.

Modules are chosen from the top left side by clicking on the dropdown.

The Tabs under each module are now located on the left side menu, clicking which populates the main functions.

The pages and the import options are on top of each section.

The best part of the new is that it supports the Kanban View now. Click the icon shown in the screen shot and enjoy the lists. 

Settings in on the right side, clicking which will show you which settings to choose.

If you have multiple companies, you can switch to them using the dropdown shown in the screen shot.

The live chat support and send feedback option are available through the icon shown below:




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