HR Evolution

Recruitment • Onboarding • Assessment


Run your entire HR department with less hassle and paperwork. Manage hiring, onboarding, performance and employee records in one place. Keep track of all details related to personal data, documents, expiry dates, alerts and more.



Spend less time on administering attendance, overtimes, leaves and timesheets. We provide complete solution for all such filings, approvals and reports. Simplify the processes and cut out the paperwork with employee self-service applications.


Analyze the performance and goal management for individual employee, team, department or the organization as a whole. Drill down on various metrics, summarize any information and build customized reports with just few clicks.


Hire personnel administrator

Flexible human resources management that grows with your business.

Documentation and Filing. Ensuring that all employee and employer paperwork generated is accurate, completed to a high standard of accuracy and that the electronic filing of the documentation is in compliance with department procedures.

Payroll and Benefits. We handle all local and international requirements for payroll, tax and compliance. Do not drain on resources on routine and time-consuming payrun calculations and payments. Do what you do best – manage your employees.