Apps that run your company

Smart • Functional • Scalable • Customizable

Accounting and finance

Software: Accounting app designed to keep your books and finances in order. Manage invoices, orders, inventory, expenses, automate payments and more. It is ideal for businesses across industries. Switch to smart accounting and be on top of your numbers.

Service: Chartered accountant providing comprehensive solution for bookkeeping, reconciliations and reporting. Accurate and confidential.

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Sales and marketing

Software: CRM app that gives an edge for sales, marketing and customer service via various channels. Handle all leads, convert them to prospects and close more deals in less time. Connect with your customers in one instance.

Service: Digital marketer running inbound online advertising campaigns. Improve traffic, leads and conversions via organic, paid and social channels.

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Human resources

Software: HR app will take care of managing you personnel including recruitment, training, assessment, attendance, payroll, benefits, etc. It will streamline all internal procedures, external filings and employees’ self-service activities.

Service: Personnel administrator handling all employee data entry and filings. Achieve high level of workforce management and regulatory compliance.

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Project management

Software: PMO app for entire project lifecycle with number of useful features. Seamlessly plan and track all tasks and schedules online. Automate workflow and documentation management. Collaborate with participants via internet and mobile.

Service: Call center assistant offering full customer and technical support via phone, email and live chat. Tailored solution for your global growth.

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Payroll and benefits

Software: Payroll app is perfect for administrators who want to synchronize it conveniently with other apps. Employee data with leaves, attendance and overtime is filed under employee profile in HR and PM modules, while automated salary records are created under Accounting section.

Service: Payroll clerk administering salaries, pensions and benefits for all employees. Processing timesheets, payslips, other forms and reports.

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Business intelligence

Software: BI app that pulls all your company data and market information from various sources and apply sophisticated analytics to produce insightful metrics, reports and dashboards. It will assist owners and top managers to take informed smart decisions.

Service: Business analyst collecting and analyzing data on corporate operational and financial results. Develop key performance indicators.

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Document management

Software: Upload or use any available document; combine multiple documents into one envelope and sign it or send for review or request for a signature. The document will be signed with SSL certificate meeting all industrial standards.

Service: Virtual secretary working remotely and managing electronic documentation flow within organization. Automate and improve data.

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