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Are your accounting and payroll compliant with local regulations?

Our accounting and payroll tools are not designed for a specific country, they rather follow International Financial Reporting Standards and common employee payment contributions and deductions. However, we have built-in localization tools, so users can customize their financial transactions and reporting to suit any local accounting, payroll or tax rules.

Do I need to hire a consultant to implement and use your products?

No, you do not need to hire a consultant in order to be able to use kpi.com.  Our software has user-friendly interface, is very functional and focused on supporting all stages of a workflow in your organization. Our support team on support@www.kpi.com is always there to help you with instructions.

Do you comply with GDPR?

Yes, we fully comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation and EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy include our commitment to the data security and privacy of our customers.

How secure is my data?

We make maximum efforts to ensure that appropriate data security procedures and processes are in place to protect against any breach, unauthorized access, destruction, corruption or loss of the customer data created and generated through the use of the kpi.com software. Physical security of kpi.com is built on Amazon cloud infrastructure. We use EC2, EBS and S3 services from AWS. Your data is being stored on a replicated storage in the cloud environment which means, even if some hardware problem occurs data will remain safe and restorable. Additionally, we keep data backup on our site, should any issues arise with the cloud environment we will always have the data backup available. As a separate service, we can provide data backup to customers’ sites on a scheduled basis upon request.

Which internet browsers do you support?

kpi.com supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+ and above, Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ and above, Google Chrome 5 and above, Apple Safari 4 and above. Regardless of the browser type, you must enable JavaScript for kpi.com to function correctly. Please use Google Chrome 5+ versions for a better experience.

How to change login and password?

Passwords can be changed from Settings menu. Customers themselves cannot change the username, however, you can email us on support@www.kpi.com or contact our live chat service and ask our agents to change your login.

How to pay for the subscription?

You can make an online payment using PayPal, debit or credit cards directly from the kpi.com website. Alternatively, you can request an invoice from our support team so that you can pay through bank transfer.

In which languages is your software available?

kpi.com is available in English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Turkish languages.

How to upgrade or downgrade my price plan?

Any upgrade or downgrade can be done via My Account menu, changing the number of users or selection of apps. Your subscription fee will adjust accordingly.

Can you customize your applications to our particular needs?

Yes, the system can be customized in many ways. Basic customizations are available in Settings menu. Specific customizations to functionality, forms, interface, etc., can be done as a separate project. Contact us at support@www.kpi.com,  and our team will provide you with estimates.

What are the costs of installation, maintenance, support, and training?

There are no costs for installation or maintenance. Email and live chat support is free too. If you think you need dedicated support for implementing the software, please contact us at support@www.kpi.com to discuss the associated scope and cost.

How to file a complaint?

Any requests or complaints should be emailed to support@www.kpi.com and we will revert as soon as possible.

Do you have mobile applications?

Yes, our CRM and HRMS applications are available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store as KPI Sales and KPI Humans. We are developing other mobile apps, and we will inform you as soon as they are released.