Create • Store • Collaborate


Draft, view and edit any kind of documents online. Never lose any version of important files thanks to revisions option. Add spreadsheets, presentations, music, movies and pictures.



Not only your files are accessible in central location from any part of the world 365 days in a year, but also stored on Amazon servers that meet industrial security and data integrity standards.


Share files with your colleagues or clients. Invite them to collaborate and edit documents in real time. Organize files under folders and sub-folders by team, project, file type, and author.


Hire virtual assistant

Cloud document management solution with access to information from any location.

Data entry: Capturing the data from your paper documents with manual entry or scanning and converting your information to any file format you require. Search your information quickly and easily and improve your data capture accuracy.

Document workflow: Using the latest document workflow processes to send your digital documents to the correct staff member for review, query or approval. Introduce efficient electronic documentation solutions for your organization.