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Start new venture

We always support entrepreneurship and innovation. Our partnership program gives you tools to launch your own software business. No capital is required, no membership fees to pay. We even pass you hot leads from your city or region. Join this exciting industry and grow with us.

Learn and roll

You do not have to know anything about, cloud software or business management applications. We provide completely free support, training and documentation to our partners. Advertise via digital, print, other media or your business connections to get the leads.


Earn fees

If you sell our software, we pay you a hefty commission. Every time your leads buy our product using a unique promo code attributed to you a fee is credited to your account that you could collect once a month. You keep up to 50% of all subscription revenues from new customers.

Make more money

Use your tech and industry skills offering additional services, including implementation, customization, integration, training, consulting, and earn more. If you are an accountant, recruiter, project manager or information technology specialist join our partner program now.


1. Register

Subscribe to by selecting Bronze or higher bundle

2. Advertise

Set up referral campaign and post our banners on your website

3. Close

Direct your leads to buy subscription using your promo code

4. Collect

Monitor all your referrals and cash out real money to your PayPal


What happens if my referral clicks the link but does not start a free trial immediately?
As soon as people click your link, they get a 90-day cookie which means that we will be able to track them for 90 days. If they start a trial any time during this period, we’ll be able to attribute this lead to you unless the cookie is cleared.

What are the key elements to succeed Partner Program?
Develop a quality design website, post interesting content in blog and social media channels, build up high traffic. Write about SaaS, cloud, business, accounting, HR, CRM, project management, teamwork, productivity, etc.

I don’t have a PayPal, is there any other way to get commissions?
We can pay your commissions via PayPal only. It’s really easy to open PayPal account and it gives you a lot of advantages.

Can I promote via Google AdWords?
No, PPC bids are not allowed.