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Assembly Products

Assembly Item – is a type of line items, which is used in filling sales or purchase form. Assembly item consists of inventories and assemblies (subassemblies) which build a single Assembly item. Items in the assembly are called Bill of Materials, those are the components parts of Assembly item.

Assembly items can be used when you are dealing with the customer related process on (Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, or customer Credit Notes). If you selected “purchased from supplier” while building an assembly item, Assembly item would appear in the supplier process on Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, or supplier Credit Notes).

Use Assembly item in order to:

·         Customize the price of assembled items

·         Quick access to information about finished goods

What’s the difference between Assembly Item and Product Groups?

Assembly item and Product group may seem the same as they include a group of items which are under one item in the list of Product/services in However, they are not the same and have distinctive differences between each other.

Product Group is used when you often enter the same items and their quantity while recording sale or purchase form. You can make a group of inventory, non-inventory and service items include in one product group. You can avoid entering the same line items each time individually and add only one product group of items.

Assembly items let you combine inventory items and all these inventories make a new price into new finished goods that you offer to your customers. Also in assembly item, you can add assembly cost or other services which should be included in the list of Bill of materials.

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