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Add New Non-Inventory Item

To create Non-Inventory Item, go to Product/Services listing page and click Add or use hot keys “ALT+t” (for Google Chrome) and “Shift+Alt+t” (for Mozilla Firefox).

If you are already in Accounting and Finance section you can go to + Add New on top left-corner and dropdown menu will appear, here you can click on the Product/Service.

If you select Non-Inventory Item in Product Type the form will appear with the following fields:

Add New Non-Inventory Item

Product Type – Select Non-Inventory Item type and following fields will be available:

Product Name – Write the name of Non-Inventory Item.

Product Number – Product number will be set automatically. You can set your own numbering in Settings, Numbering Settings, Product Numbering.

Category – Choose a category of the Non-Inventory Item. You can add new Category here in dropdown clicking Add New or in Settings, Product Categories and Add Category.

Tax Rate – Tax rate to the per unit of Non-Inventory Item.

Rate – Selling price of the Non-Inventory Item to customers.

AccountSales account will be set by default, you can choose another income account from dropdown menu.

If you want to show this Non-Inventory Item in purchase documents (Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, or supplier Credit Note), you need to check “Is purchased from supplier” check-box. And following fields show up:

Purchase Price – Cost price of the Non-Inventory Item to the company.

Expenses Account – Select an expense account to track spendings.

If you are going to input more data about the Non-Inventory Item you can push More options:

SKU number

UPC number

Unit measurement



Part number

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