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Receive Purchase Order

Receiving a purchase order creates Goods Received Notes for each transaction and increases the number of stock on hand. To Receive your open purchase orders go to the purchase order list and find your approved purchase orders. Click the actions and choose “Mark as Open” or go to the summary view of the purchase order and click Mark as Open, this option is available in the more options of Approve and Email button. The Purchase Order status changes to “Open”. Now you can receive items. Click the Receive button and enter the number of items you are receiving and Save.

Goods Receive Notes (GRN) will be created which you can view in the purchase order summary or from the actions from the purchase order listing.

The status of the PO changes to either Partial Received or Received depending on the number of items you have received. Fully received purchase orders can be converted to purchase invoice. Alternatively you can convert the GRN itself to a purchase invoice. Go to the GRN list, go to the summary of the GRN and click “Convert to Invoice”.


Created by Aziza Israilova, 
April 2019


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