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Serial Numbers

Serial Numbers are not available by default. You can request the support team to activate the add-on to your account (

1. To set Serial Numbers in products, go to Purchase Orders from list of menu, and choose Purchase Order that you need. The bottom of the page you may see Approve & Email button, click the dropdown list and choose Mark As Open ( if it is not Marked As Open)

2. Then click Receive button

3. There are Assign Serials button on the rigt side of the page. click it:

4. When you click it, there are Assign Serial Numbers window. enter all serial numbers and data to each fields

5. Finally, save all entries.

6. In addition, While  Sales Invoicing, if you choose the items which you entered with Serial Numbers you may identify them. Click the Assign Serials button on the right side:

7. When open Assign Serial Numbers window, you should select items serial number from dropdown list and press Ok

8. After selecting Serial Numbers you may Save & Approve your Sales Invoice

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