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Sales Overview

Sales Quote/Sales Order/Sales Invoice

In you can create a sales quote, order and invoices in multi-currencies.

To create a sales quote go to Sales Quote listings page and click Add. After you fill in relevant fields, you can either send the quote to your customer or register without emailing.

Apart from it, like from anywhere else in the system, you can upload attachments and carry internal notes in all add-forms.

If you are looking for progress invoicing or, so-called, partial billing, go to Sales Quote and enable Progress Invoicing checkbox. By approving the quote you are now ready to slice the estimated amount into as many invoices as you want. Yet no worries, you will never lose track of how much issued and how much left, as you can find the answers going back to the quote.

Issuing a Sales Invoice is quite similar to creating Sales Quote, yet comes with more bells and whistles. By enabling “Serial Number Tracking” add-on, you can sell not only quantities of items but assign serial numbers, so you can be on top of what serial number items are sold and which ones are remaining. In addition, you can register a customer Credit Notes to invoices issued.

Recurring Invoices is another feature that comes with very flexible scheduling options, through which you can control any time interval for sending invoices.

In addition, if you maintain projects and need to charge your customer for hours registered in Timesheet Entries in Project Management module at, you can do so by clicking Timesheet Invoice from Sales Invoice listings. By clicking Timesheet Invoice you aggregate employee hours spent on a certain project within an interval you set. Then select the right invoice details to email your client.

From Customer Center, you can create customers; add their beginning balances and credit limits, so you can manage not only accounts receivables but also risks associated with it. Invoice payments and customer deposits can as well as be registered from Customer Center under More option.

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