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Purchases / Bills Overview

Purchases / Bills

At, you can register bills, create purchase orders and purchases invoices.

If you are placing an order with your supplier, go to Purchase Order listings page, click Add. In Purchase Order add form, you can find multiple options – Approve & Email to Supplier or just Approve. Yet if you need to email additional data on top a purchase order, you can enclose multiple documents by uploading in the add-form. If you need to place an order in a foreign currency, you can do so, by setting the right currency from the top right corner.

Once your Purchase Order is approved, you can receive Purchase Order items and convert it into a Purchase Invoice, either by navigating into a Purchase Order and clicking “Convert to invoice”, or from Purchase Invoice add form, where you will be notified of available purchase orders with a selected supplier.

From Supplier Center, just like in Customer Center, you can monitor Supplier info and their balances. You can also drill down into supplier balances and print Supplier Reports in Excel and PDF.

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