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How to add Purchase Invoice

To create Purchase Invoice, go to Purchase Invoice listing page and click Add or use hot keys”ALT+p” (for Google Chrome) and “Shift+Alt+p” (for Mozilla Firefox).

If you are already in Accounting and Finance section you can go to + Add New on top left-corner and dropdown menu will appear, here you can click on the Purchase Invoice.

The form will appear with the following fields:

Supplier– Choose a company or an organization or a person you are sending an order from the list of Suppliers. You can also lookup the suppliers from the search box. If there are no suppliers registered in your company you can add new Supplier from Add new link just in the Supplier dropdown.

Project  Select the project which you want to relate this Purchase Invoice to.

Date  Indicate the date Purchase Invoice is created (Transaction will be registered on this date in your General Ledger).

Due Date  Indicate the Due Date which you need to pay for bill.

Invoice #  Enter the number of the Purchase Invoice. You can put here the number of the invoice that your supplier send you.

PO Number if you have converted the Purchase Invoice from Purchase Order the number of the purchase order will be set here or you can add manually while creating new Purchase Invoice.

AmountsSelect the type of applying taxes (Tax Exclusive or Tax Inclusive).

Item – Title of the product or serevice, required field. You can select from existing products/services or type here not-listed items.

Description – Description of the product which can be editable.

Qty – Enter the quantity of the product or services.

U/M – You can specify the unit of measurement.

Price – Cost price of the product or services

Discount – Enter the discount percentage.

Asset Acc. – Enter an expense or asset type General Ledger (GL) account for bookkeeping purposes.

Net Amount – Net amount displays the amount after applying the discount.

Tax Rate – Choose the tax rate from the tax rate dropdown menu. Tax rates are applied in percentage.

Total Amount – The total amount of each line is displayed here.

Payment Instructions/Notes – Write  Payment Instructions or Notes in the box below. This will be printed in PDF version of the Purchase Invoice.

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