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Request for purchase

Request for Purchase is a document requesting from your purchasing department to provide a particular quantity of a material or a service for a particular date.

You can add Request for Purchase (RFP) in using Accounts >> Request for Purchase.

  • Customer – the customer who you need to provide the products with.
  • Due Date –  required field to fill, date until that particular request is active
  • Approver– the manager who will review and approve the request.
  • Project – to which project this request is related

Then choose products or services, their quantity you are requesting. When you fill all the fields, click Submit to Manager. It will automatically send the request to responsible Manager. If you are the manager, system shows Save and Approve button. automatically.

When the request is already approved by the manager, you can convert your request to PDF version or convert to Purchase Order, Request for Quote (RFQ), or Stock Adjustment.

Created by Aziza Israilova,
April 2019


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