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Timesheet based Invoice

When you are project managing/contracting, you would need to aggregate timesheet entries on this project and raise invoices to your customer based hours spent, which can be accomplished via Timesheet Invoice.

Create Timesheet Invoice

To raise an invoice based on timesheet entries, you need to have a project related to a customer and have approved and non-billed hours.

Once you have unbilled hours, go to Accounting & Finance section of Click +Add New, then Timesheet Based Invoice. Select a customer and billable project(s).

Set Invoice Period and Invoice Type
You can present timesheet invoice to your customers in various formats, based on your selection of Invoice Type.
Invoice Type
Detailed Invoice includes line for each timesheet entry, including task name, assignee’s name and timesheet entry date.
Group by Assignees  – one invoice line per assignee, including project name, assignees name and task names
Group by Tasks – invoice lines grouped by task and assignee, including project’s name, task name, assignee’s name, and task description.
Group by Project – invoice line for project’s total, including project name and description.
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