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Items Table

Most of the accounting transactions show the items table where users can insert inventory items, assembly items or services they are going to sell or purchase.

While adding the line items, all the saved products/services will be populated when you type in either the number of the item or the name of the item. Then you can choose the item from the populated results. Other details will be automatically filled up by the system like description, price, unit of measurement (U/M), sales accounts and so on.

All fields are editable there. You can change the description, price, quantity and sales account. You can add discount and tax if applicable.

By default there are 5 line items shown, if there are more than 5 line items which you would like to add, the system will add more lines once you fill the last line.

There are also delete and add icons to the last column labeled as x and +.

Note: there is no order in the items table. When you add new (invoice, quote, order, or others), the order will be the one you see in the table. However, when you try to edit a saved transaction and remove the first, second, or third item and insert a new product name instead, the system will actually place it to the last row (considering it as a new product).

After you save the form, the new item goes to the last line.


The PDF version of the form also shows the same order you see in the web form.

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