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Sales Quote

Sales Quote provides the prospective customer with a quote of how much the work should cost. With this function, a manager can handle Sales Order and Sales Invoice. Sales Quote can be used in as part of CRM and Project Management Modules. It can be sent to contacts, leads, accounts and customers. Project Managers can use Sales Quotes in order to create proposals and send them to clients before the start of the project

Create Sales Quote

To create a Sales Quote, go to Sales Quote listings page and click Add.

Sales Quote Reference

Status Edit Delete
Draft Yes Yes
Approved Yes Yes
Rejected Yes Yes
Approved by Client No Yes
Invoiced No Yes
Converted No Yes

What can you do after creating a Sales Quote?

Save as a Draft you can edit and change Sales Quotes. It is not shown for your Customer.

Save & Approve – once you save & approve your Sales Quote would be available for Customer’s consideration.

Approve & Email – when you click Approve & Email Sales Quote will be approved and sent to your Customer a notification with attached PDF version of Sales Quote.

Submit for Approval – you can submit Sales Quote for manager approval by choosing manager in Managerfield. Managers who can approve Sales Quote are following: Administrator and Director.

Print PDF Versiononce you have filled in all required fields, you can generate print version of Sales Quote by clicking on PDF Version button.

Client Approve – Once the quote is sent to client, client can approve the quote by logging in to KPI, or you can approve quote yourself once quote is marked as open.

Client Reject – Once the quote is sent to client, client can reject the quote by logging in to KPI, or you can reject quote yourself once quote is marked as open. Client can add reasons of rejection as note in pop-up window.

If the client has rejected the quote, you can change the quote terms and send the quote back to the client later.

Convert to Order – Once the quote is approved by the client, you can convert your quote to sales order usingConvert to Order button.

Convert to Invoice – Once the quote is approved by client, you can convert your quote to sales invoice usingConvert to Invoice button.

Progress invoicing – (also called progress billing, percentage of completion billing, or partial billing) Progress Invoicing enables you to create an invoice from a sales quote by billing your customer for a percentage of the original quote.

In order to generate Progress Invoicing go to the Sales Quote Add Form and tick Progress Invoicing on right-top.

Likewise, you can edit, delete, copy to Purchase Order, copy to Sales Quote and print PDF of your Sales Quote created.

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