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Workflow of Expense Claims

Expense claims can be seen by each employee once their accounting and finance module is fully setup by administrators. Employees can leave various forms of expense claims and send them for managers’ approval.

 Workflow of Expense Claims:
  • Employees are able to submit expense claim for approval;
  • Department Leaders and project managers review expense claim and choose to approve or reject it;
  • Rejected expense claims can be changed and re-submitted again;
  • Once Expense Claim is approved, accountants can make payment to expense claim.

October 2017 Update

After the October 2017 system upgrade, the expenses are separated into Company and Employee expenses. Company expenses can be created by higher level users like Admin, Director and Accountant while Employee expenses can be created by everybody.

Employee expense form has been changed and simplified. There is no Category and Bill to columns. These fields will be chosen by the manager while approving the employee expenses.

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