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Essential apps

Our dedicated stand-alone apps that also work as a suite is a real deal for growing companies. You will be able to sell more, manage your employees, keep books in order, be productive at work and make smart business decisions. We are cloud-based, cross-platform and device agnostic.


Free KPIs

Our widgets support more than 200 KPI metrics and visualizations. Build super dashboards for your team and your clients. We have got you an impressive technology stack to connect your data from various apps. User friendly drag-and-drop and context menus and actions.

Seamless integration

No more switching applications, painful implementations and complicated manipulations with data. We integrate and automate our system with all your existing software that you use now with a click. Our API is solid so you can build confidently on our platform.


Mobile functionality

There is life outside work. Save your time with our mobile apps that let employees to file leaves, track their own documents and expiry dates, check-in and check-outs, time-sheet hours and payroll data, on the go or from home.