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Meeting Minutes

The Meeting Minutes is available in the Workspace section. It is enabled to customers based on their request.

Using the Meeting Minutes, you can record the details of the meetings held by your company.

Meetings Minutes can be added using following steps Humans >> Meeting Minutes Add Meeting Minutes

To add a meeting, click on the “Add Meeting” button on top of the page and fill in the form.

You can specify employees who attended the meeting and those who were absent.

You can also create several agendas by clicking “Add New Agenda” link.

Copy Meeting details

You can create a meeting by copying some details from another meeting. To do that, click on the actions dropdown and choose “Copy to New”.

Upload Files

Uploading files is available in the left side of the Meeting Minutes form or the Meeting summary page.

Edit Meeting

To edit a meeting, click on the actions dropdown and choose “Edit Meeting”. The Edit option is available to the Administrator and the person who created it.

Delete Meeting

To delete a meeting, click on the actions dropdown and choose “Remove”.

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