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Add/edit a candidate

In order to add new candidate, press Add Candidate button in the Candidates listing.


Fill in the following fields (fields with red asterisk are compulsory):

Number–Unique number, assigned to this candidate (you can leave default one, or edit it)

Owner–Employee, responsible for contacting this candidate

First name – First name of the candidate

Last name – Last name of the candidate

Date of birth – Date of birth of the candidate

Source – Choose the way this candidate was found

Matched Vacancies – tick vacancies, for which this candidate might be suitable

Work experience (years)–amount of previous work experience(can be specified in months or years)

Current employer – Current employer of the candidate

Expected salary – Salary, which this candidate is expecting to have

Status – Current status of this candidate

Preferred location – Choose location, where this candidate would prefer to work

Skills – List of skills that this candidate possesses

E-mail – One or more e-mail addresses of the candidate

Phone Numbers–One or more phone numbers of the candidate

IM Address – One or more Instant Messenger addresses of the candidate

Web Address – One or more web addresses of this candidate

You can fill in candidate’s address information, add some extra notes or attachments. Also, candidate can be linked to Project, Contact, Lead, Opportunity etc.

Candidates Listing

In order to perform different manipulation on candidates from this listing, you need to click on the Action menu.


You can Match this candidate to active vacancies, log an Event (Call or Interview) for him/her or add him/her to Shortlist.

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