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Personal Goals

Personal goals are career development goals that an employee intends to achieve in given time-period. If personal goals are related to company goals too, they can be assessed in Performance Appraisals sections.

Employees are able to view their own personal goals in Goal ManagementPersonal Goals section.

Personal Goals


Add/Edit Personal Goal

Personal Goals

Fill in following details in adding Personal Goal:

Assignee – If the employee is adding the personal goal for himself/herself, the assignee field will be populated with employee’s name. HR Managers, directors, department leaders can add personal goals for other employees

Title – the Short title of the goal

Description – Short description of the goal

Validity Period – Choose the period for which the goal belongs too. You can add Validity Periods in SettingsHRMS SettingsValidity Periods.

Start Date – The date when the goal implementation should start

End Date – The date when the goal implementation should end

Action Steps – Describe all action steps that need to be taken by the employee in order to achieve the goal

Measurement Unit – Indicate the measurement units of the goal (dollars, days)

Target – Indicate the numeric target of the goal

Actual – Indicate the actual figure of the goal. The field can be left blank to be filled later.

Status – Indicate the current status of the goal

Weight – Indicate the weight of the goal, between the other goals of the employee

Notes – Additional goal notes can be attached here.

After filling the fields, click Save & Close to save Personal Goal.

Personal Goals Action Menu

You can view personal goal’s summary, edit goal, add notes to the goal, or remove the goal (administrators only) in the personal goal action menu.

Personal Goals

Goal Notes

To add notes to your goal, click the Notes link from the Action drop-down.

Enter the following details:

Subject – The subject of the note

Description – Full description of the note

Visibility – You can control the visibility of the notes.  Selecting the Public option makes your note visible to the public, whereas the Private option hides the content from the public completely.

Personal Goals


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