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Annual Leave Report

Annual Leave balances are added in Leave Allowances page.

Annual Leave Report shows each employee’s current leave balances as of date chosen.

The formula for the Current Balance is as follows: Number of Worked Days( Leave allowance days/365 ) – Taken Days.

Number of worked days will be calculated depending on Effective start date and Effective end dates. Effective start date can be employee’s hire date or opening balance date. If employee’s Hire Date is earlier than Opening Balance date, then the Opening Balance Date is going to be the Effective start date. If employee was hired after Opening balance date, then his Hire date will be taken as Effective start date.

Effective end date is the date chosen from the date-picker on top of the report or Employee’s resignation date.

For example, Aziz Djalilov’s Hire Date is September 18, 2017 and till December 26, 2017 he has worked 99 days in total. He is Allowed to take 30.6 days as an annual leave in 2017. So his current balance is: 99(30.6/365) – 0 = 8.3

Opening Balance Date for Leaves

The Administrator can set an opening balance date for all employees leave balances, which means that the leave balances are effective starting from that date. The opening balance can be set from Settings>>Humans>>Leave Reasons>>Edit Leave.

This date is also shown in the Annual Leave Report.

If the Hire Date is before the Opening Balance date, then the balances effective date is going to be the Opening Balance Date. If the Hire Date is after the Opening Balance date, then the balances effective date is going to the Hire Date.

So the number of worked days depends on the Effective Start Date.

Opening Balance Days

If the employees already have the balances as of the opening balance date, then the opening balances are just added to the current balance, so the formula is as follows: Number of Worked Days( Leave allowance days/365 ) – Taken Days + Opening Balance Days.

The Opening Balance Days column can be enabled from the Customize icon on the right hand side corner of the report.

After the column is enabled, a double click helps you to enter opening balance days for each employee.


Created by Aziza Israilova, 
April 2019
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