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Attendance Report

Attendance Report shows the number of hours worked by your employees in a month. The data is based on the in/out hours. It also shows leave requests taken, holidays, not approved leave requests and total hours for the month.

You can change the in/out hours by double-clicking on the cells and entering the time.

If you already have a file containing the employee hours then you can import the data into the report. click on the Import/Export button, choose the Import option and download the template and make changes. If you already have downloaded the template, you can skip this step and upload the file. The uploaded file will overwrite what was available in the report.

Note that the entered came and left hours should follow the timeslot hours. Otherwise, the import process will fail.

You can also filter the report by employee name, by department, timeslot or by employee status and view the report in Excel format by exporting into Excel.


Created by Aziza Israilova, 
April 2019


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