Performance Notes

Performance Notes are issues related to employees in the system (breach of performance rules). Once you add performance note to your employee, you will be able to see the performance note, while reviewing the appraisal in the same period.

Performance Notes

Add New Performance Note

Depending on your role, you will be able to add performance note to other employees. In order to add new performance note, go to Performance Notes, and click Add Performance Note.

Indicate following details:

Note Name – The short title of the performance note

Note Description – Indicate the description of the performance note

Note Related Employee – Indicate the employee for whom the note is addressed

Visibility – You can control the visibility of the notes.  Selecting the Public option makes your note visible to public, whereas the Private option hides the content from the public completely.

Note Period – Indicate the start and the end dates of the performance note (when the performance issue should be resolved)

Note Status – Indicate the status of the issue

Reported by – Indicate the employee who reported the issue

Resolver/Owner – Indicate the responsible person to close the issue.

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