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Importing Employees

There are two ways for importing employees:

  • From Humans (HRMS Section)
  • Projects (Project Management Section)

In the Humans Section (HRMS)>>Employees>>Import, then you need to upload filled and saved CSV Excel sheet, after refreshing your page you can observe all Imported Employees.

For the Projects (Project Management Section)>>Employees>>Import, same steps would be taken as in the Humans.

CSV Excel Sheet should look like as in the Example:

After checking the all information is presented in CSV file. Now you can upload it to the system. Moreover, pay attention to following Two main points:

After uploading the file following page will appear. In these page, you have to check all system fields matching correctly. Once you complete checking, press the Save&Close button:

If Employees are not uploaded, you should check Settings>>System Logs>>Import Logs:


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