Employee Status

Pending Employees

If employees have not yet activated their account after you added them to the system, their status is Pending.

Active Employees

Once the employee activates his/her account by setting password, the status becomes Active.

You can make the active user’s account as “no access” user. To do that, click on the actions dropdown and choose “Revoke Access”.

Employee status

No Access

If you add no access users, their status is No Access. In order to learn how to add “no access” users, please refer to this article: http://wiki.kpi.com/document/employees/employees

You can always activate the account of no access users who will then have access to the system from actions dropdown>>Activate button.

Employee Status

The user will receive an email notification to activate his/her account.

Inactive Employees

If you deactivate the employee, he/she will  not have access to the system and the status becomes Inactive.

Employee Status

You can also activate the profile of Inactive users by choosing “Activate” option from the actions dropdown. In order for the user to be able to set password, you need to send activation link from by clicking on “Resend Activation link” option.

Employee Status

Resigned Employees

If you terminate the employment of a user, the status becomes Resigned. The employee will not have access to the system anymore and this gives you an opportunity to add more employees (increases license).

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