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Full Users

Full user access requires a subscription license. Full users are defined by their user roles assigned under Humans>>Employee profile. There are several user roles available by default in the system such as Administrator, Director, Accountant, HR Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Person, Customer Service Representative, Member etc. If a user is assigned any of these user roles, then he/she is considered as a full user.

Each role’s permissions are listed under Settings>>Users and Privileges>>Permissions. As an Administrator you can create more user roles as custom user roles. Custom User roles are also attached to full users. Any user role listed under Permissions can be changed by ticking and unticking the related permissions.

Administrator is a power user in the system. The user with this role has access to all features and is allowed to delete, edit and view.

Director is a next power user after the Administrator. His/Her user role is restricted to view and edit in many cases. However, this can be changed from Settings>>Users and Privileges>>Permissions.

Accountant is a full user under Accounts module.

Sales Manager is a full user under Sales module.





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