Add New Employee

The Employees section of the Humans module stores the personal information of employees in the system. Only administrators, directors and HR managers are eligible to add a new employee to the system.

To add a new employee, go to Humans>>Employees section and click add.

First Name – Employee’s first name

Last Name – Employee’s last name

E-mail – Employee’s email address

 Since an activation link will be sent to an employee’s email address, it is recommended to provide a valid email address.

Role – Employee’s position at the company

To assign a role to the person, select the roles from the existing list. Following roles are available in the system by default:

  • Employee
  • Administrator
  • Director
  • Accountant
  • HR Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Person

Then choose a department and a location if needed.

No Access – If this box is checked, the employee will not receive an activation email and they will not have access to the system. You will just keep employee information in the application, however, you will be able to generate payruns for them.

Ess User – If this box is checked, the user will have very limited access to the application and their user access level cannot be changed.

Upload Employees

To upload a list of employees from an excel sheet, click Import button on the bottom of the page. Then download the sample template provided by the application to make sure your file is similar to it.

After you have prepared your file, convert it to .csv format and upload it. After you upload, you will be asked to match file columns with the system columns.

Then click save&close. The employees will be uploaded in a few minutes depending on the size of your file.



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