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Cases are tickets raised by your Customers.

Add Case

Cases are created in three ways:

  1. Manually – to add a case manually, click on the Add New button.
  2. Web Forms – you can create case forms, and whenever the form is filled in your website, the case will be created.
  3. Emails – you can set up Message Center and create parent/assignee filters. All emails passing through those filters will  arrive in cases section. For more information look through the email integration article here.

Send Email Notification

Send email notification option is an auto-reply notification sent to the reporter of the case. If you want the auto-reply to be sent to the reporter every time a case is added manually, please contact support to make the option ticked by default.

Case Assignees

When a case is created automatically from an email, it is assigned to one of the company employees. If it fits the assignee filter, then it is assigned to the right person, otherwise, it will be assigned to the default assignee set in the Filters.

The assignees are notified about the case creation/update through emails. You can modify case notifications from Settings>>Email Templates section.

You can change assignees using the actions drop-down.

Case Status

When a case arrives, its status is New by default. Whenever you respond to a case, the status changes to Replied. When the customer replies the second time, the status again changes from Replied to Waiting for Reply.

As soon as you change case status to Closed, the reporter (customer) will receive an email notification about the case closure.

In case, the customer responds to the closed case, the status changes to Reopened.

You can also create custom case status, you can find more about custom case status here.

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