Calendar Synchronization

Configuring Calendar with Google Calendar

To synchronize your Calendar with your Google Calendar you need to link your account to your Google Calendar account. Please follow the steps below and note that your Google Calendar must have been accessed at least once before configuring with Calendar to complete successful configuration process:

1. Go to either My Workspace – Calendar or CRM – Calendar page;

2. On the Calendar page, click the Configure with Google link.

2.1. If you are not signed in to Google account you want to configure with, you will be redirected to Google sign in page. Sign in to your Google account. You will be redirected to Google Access Consent Page.

2.2. If you are already signed in to your Google account you want to configure with, you will be redirected to Google Access Consent Page.

2.3. If you are already signed in to multiple Google accounts, you will have to indicate which Google account you would like to use. Then you will be redirected to Google Access Consent Page.

2.4. If you are already signed in to your Google account and it is not the one you would like to configure with, you need to sign out from that account. After that you need to repeat steps 1 and 2.

3. On Google Access Consent Page click the Grant Access button and you will be redirected to pre-configured Calendar page (either to My Workspace or CRM section, depending from where you started configuration).

Upon successful configuration, if you go to your Google Calendar, under My Calendars folder you will see two more calendars created and named in the following format (If you cannot find them, refresh your Google Calendar):

1. [Your Company Name in] Events (created: [calendar creation date])

2. [Your Company Name in] Tasks (created: [calendar creation date])

You can notice that on the application Calendar page, Configure with Google link will be changed to Synchronize with Google.

Adding Events in Google Calendar

While adding an event in your Google Calendar, please make sure you choose a right calendar:

• If you choose Your Company name Events Calendar, the event will be synchronized with Calendar and will be treated as event.

• If you choose Your Company name Tasks Calendar, the task will be synchronized with your Calendar and will be treated as task.

While adding an event, if you do not choose a calendar, the event will automatically be created in My Calendar which cannot be synchronized with Calendar. You must select the appropriate calendar in the Google Calendar to complete a successful synchronization of events.

Synchronizing Calendar with Google Calendar

1. Open either My Workspace – Calendar or CRM – Calendar page;

2. Click the Synchronize with Google link. When you press the link, a window will pop-up, where you can either choose to synchronize all events and tasks, or you can choose to synchronize only those events and tasks that fall into a certain date range.

3. Please wait until you see the successful synchronization message. Synchronization will take some time depending on the quantity of the tasks and events being   synchronized.

  • If you cannot find the link, it means you have never configured calendar to get synchronized with your Google Calendar and you need to   follow the steps in Configuring Calendar with Google Calendar.

• Maximum 5000 calendar entries will be synchronized in a single synchronization. If date range for synchronization is not indicated, by default, calendar entries for the whole current month and next 2 months will be synchronized.

• If some events/tasks are deleted from your Google Calendars which were created in Configuring Calendar with Google Calendar steps, corresponding events/task will not be deleted in calendar. You will have to delete them from manually. Furthermore, those events/tasks will not be synchronized even though details are edited in the

Enabling Auto Synchronization

You can enable auto synchronization option by going to Settings – Recurrence Settings – Sync with Google Calendar. This feature is turned off by default. After enabling this option, your events/tasks get synchronized every 1 hour.

Revoking Calendar Synchronization

If you choose to revoke the synchronization between Calendar and your Google Calendar, please make sure you do it from

1. Go to Settings – User Credentials. Under Authorized Access to your Account heading:

2. Find Google Calendar from the list and click the Revoke Access link next to it.

3. Upon successful revoke, two Calendars from your Google Calendar will also get deleted.

4. You will see message of successful revoke of the Calendar Synchronization upon completion of the process.

  You must revoke synchronization only from and do not use the Delete calendar feature of Google Calendar. There is a revoke option in Google    Calendar which is not recommended to be used to revoke synchronization process.

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