The Leads section keeps the contact information of your potential customers collected from different sources.

Add New Potential Client

A potential client can be added in the Leads section by clicking the Add New and Lead buttons. The form which appears should be filled in and saved.

Add Mailing List

There is an option to add a mailing list in the Add New feature that is located on the top menu of the Leads section. Once it is clicked, the box will appear asking three fields to be filled in: Name, Description and Status of the mailing list. Provide the requested information in the fields and save it.

Change Assignees

Assignees can be changed using two ways: the More List or the Actions List. To use the first way, select several leads from the leads list and click the Change Assignee function in the More list. To change one assignee of a lead, open the Actions list and Assignee to choose one.

Change Lead Status

You can set different kinds of statuses such as: attempted to contact, contact in future, pre qualified, etc. To do so, open the Actions list and click Change Status. The list of statuses will appear and choose the most relevant status for your lead.

Convert Leads to Contacts

In kpi.com, leads can be converted to contacts either with opportunity or without opportunity. There are different kinds of opportunities that you should choose and set the due date of that opportunity.

Send Sales Invoice or Quote

You can send sales invoices and sales quotes in the kpi.com Leads section. Choose one of the functions from theActions dropdown this forwards you to the Accounting & Finance Module where you need to provide the information in the form which has appeared and then send the sales invoice/quote to your lead.

Add Activity for a Lead

You can log a call and create a meeting for a lead from the Actions dropdown. Select “Add Activity” option and either log a call or schedule an event. A pop-up will appear that you will to fill with the details of the activity and save. The activity that you registered will be reflected in the Activities section and in your calendar.

Edit Lead Information

The Edit function is located in the Actions dropdown of the Leads list. Once clicked, it forwards you to lead’s profile page where you can implement any necessary changes and save the page to complete it.

Delete Lead

The Delete function is located in the Actions dropdown of the Leads list. If you need to remove several leads from the list, select the leads you wish to remove and open the More. This function gives you several alternatives where you should choose the Delete option.

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