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Leads, Opportunities and Cases

Leads are contacts of your potential customers. This is normally the first step when a contact is registered in the CRM Tool.
Leads that show interest in your offer are usually converted to Opportunities. When a Lead is converted to an Opportunity, Account and Contact records are created in the CRM.

Opportunities are deals with your customers.Opportunities have different stages of deal process such as: Needs Analysis, Closed Won, Closed lost to competition, Value proposition and so on. An  can be converted to a project and or to a sales quote.

Cases are the questions and issues raised by your clients. Therefore, cases are assigned to responsible employees to deal with the client requests.
CRM cases is usually called a ticketing system. Once a case is resolved or closed, the client will get an email notification that their case has been resolved/closed.

When you set up an email in the system, Message Center will receive emails from different senders. If the sender’s email and contact name is not recorded in the system, the senders contact details will be automatically recorded as a lead in the CRM Leads Section.

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