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Spending and Receiving Transactions


If you need to make adjustment to your accounts, change customer, supplier balances, allocate costs across projects, then Manual Transaction at is the right feature you need.

Date – Enter date information

Narration – Narration of the transaction

Entry No – Number of Manual Transaction

Memorized transaction – If Enable transaction information will be remembered

Account – Select account 

Debit/Credit – Enter Sum of money into necessery side

Description – Enter Description

Name – Name of the Transaction

Project – Select Project

Department – Choose Department


When you put money in or spend money on behalf of the company, you should always credit owners equity account (or a separate owners equity account name something like additional paid-in capital, depending on your situation).

The debit would then be to either cash if you were putting money in (receive money), or an asset, or an expense account (spend money) such as office supplies.

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