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Customer Prepayments

Customer Prepayments are the advance payments that your customer have made. To record customer prepayments go to Accounts>>Transactions>>Customer Prepayments. Click the plus button to add new.

  • Customer – choose the customer name. The customer balance will show up immediately after you choose the customer.
  • Date – prepayment date.
  • Post Dated – if the prepayment is recorded for the future date.
  • Paid To – choose the account to which the prepayment was made.
  • Amount – enter the prepayment amount.
  • Accounts Receivable – choose the accounts receivable account.
  • Reference – add short reference to the prepayment.

Click save after you have completed the form. The prepayment will be posted with “Open” status. You will be able to apply this prepayment to customer invoices as the payment. After you apply the prepayment to an invoice, the status will change to “Applied”.


Created by Aziza Israilova, 
May 2019
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