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Import Manual Transactions

To import your Manual entry transactions, open Accounting >>Transactions>>Manual transactions tab

In the following form click on CSV file and download a Sample XLS file.

In excel file you should fill out the mandatory fields such as Narration, Date, Reference, Account code, Debit and Credit. Based on your preference you can fill out others.

To import manual transactions successfully you should follow these rules:

1.     There must be only one value for each transaction Date, Reference and Narration.

2.     Sum of Debit and Credit amounts in each transaction must be equal.

3.     Chart of account code must be in the system.

4.     Date format in Excel must be similar with date format in your account.

After finishing filling Excel sheet, you must save it in CSV format to import in

The system will provide you with imported and not imported manual transactions’ statistics through email.

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