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How to add Check

To create Checks, go to Checks listing page and click Add



The form will appear with the following fields:


Bank – select a bank account from dropdown list

Balance – balance of the selected bank

No – check’s registration number

Pay to – write receiver of the funds

Date indicate the date check is created

Amount – money amount which is going to be spent

Address – address of the receiver

Memo – write notes if you need

Check to be printed – click if you are going to print the check

Account – select an account from your chart of account list. In order to pay for Supplier select Accounts Payable account and then Name field will be active, you can select Supplier here.

Amount – enter the payment amount

Description – write description if there any need

Name – this field will be active once you select Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable accounts only, and will be used to link the amount to Supplier and Customers.

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