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Pay Invoices

Pay Invoices is a section to add bulk payments to several supplier invoices at a time. To pay the invoices go to Accounts>>Transactions>>Pay Invoices section. Click the plus button to add new.

  • Supplier – choose the supplier name whose invoices you want to pay.
  • Payment Date  – choose the date you want the record the payments on.
  • Type – you can pay supplier invoices, manual transactions, both or the expenses.
  • Account – choose the account from which you are paying.

Then check the invoices you want to pay. Enter the Payment amount and click save. If you are making an over-payment, enter the bigger amount than the invoice due amount and the system will ask you how to record the over-payment either with a Prepayment or the Overpayment.

After you save the transaction, the related supplier invoices’ status will change to Paid.


Created by Aziza Israilova, 
May 2019
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