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How to add post dated check

If you have customer who does prepayment to their account but you don’t want to mess your account receivable report

Users can enable Post Dated Check from Accounting Settings >> Financial Settings and tick Post Dated Checkbox.

Post dated check

Once you activated PDC option, you can do postdated checks using Checks/Supplier credits tabs in Transactions module if you want to pay suppliers’ invoices.

Pay from Checks tab.

Open Accounting >> Transactions >> Check tab and click on New button:

Post dated check

In the following screen, fill out following fields:

Bank – choose bank account from which you are going to pay

Date – select PDC date

Post Dated – tick checkbox if you are going to use PDC option

Account – choose account payable (currency) account

Amount – indicate amount of the PDC

Description – leave a description if you need for further transactions

Name – select supplier from dropdown option by typing letters.

Post dated check

Once you post check, system will remember transaction date and its amount. When a transaction date comes, system will post it in accounting reports and you can apply it to supplier’s invoices.

Alternatively, you can use Supplier Credit option from Transactions module.

Post dated check

In supplier credit form, you should fill following fields:

Supplier – select supplier whom you are going to add PDC

Paid From – choose bank account from which you paid for supplier

Note – leave a  note if needed.

Date – PDC date

Reference – reference for the added PDC

Amount – indicate amount of PDC

Currency – if supplier’s currency different from base currency specify exchange rate

Post Dated – give a tick if a supplier’s credit is PDC

Post dated check

Once you PDC transactions, you can apply them to purchase invoices using Apply Credit option

Post dated check

Note: Transaction of PDC will not be shown in Apply Credit option, unless PDC date comes.

PDC for customers

To add PDC for customers, open Accounting section >>Transactions tab >> Prepayment

Post dated check


In the following form you should fill out following fields:

Post dated check

Customer – select customer who did PDC

Paid –indicate bank account which should receive payment

Note – leave a note if needed

Date – choose PDC date

Reference – write a reference

Amount – indicate amount of PDC

Currency – if customer paid in another currency indicate exchange rate

POST dated  – tick PDC checkbox

Once you add PDC check, you can apply it for customer invoices and it work the same like for suppliers.

Post dated check

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