Importing Data

To import your data to the system, ensure they are in CSV format and have headings.

Following data would be imported:

Customers, Suppliers (Vendors), Products/Services, Chart of Accounts, Bank Transactions, Sales Invoice

Importing Customer List – This option enables you to import your customer list to the system easily. The importing file should contain: Account Name (mandatory) and basic data like phone, email, fax numbers. Besides you can import address details and financial information.

Importing Supplier List – This option enables you to import your supplier list to the system easily. In your importing file should be Account name (mandatory) and basic data like phone, email, fax. Besides you can import address details and financial information.

Importing Products/Services – you can import your product/service items to the system.

Product type – while importing you can choose the type of importing items from the system or select product type from the .csv file. (Mandatory)

Product Number – numbers or codes of the importing product/service should be indicated in your .csv file. Duplicates will be skipped after the first of them imported. (Mandatory)

Name – select the name of your product/services. (Mandatory)

Description – if your items have description, it will be imported too.

Category – in order to import Product Category, initially add product categories into the system before importing your products. While importing the system do not add/create category itself, but just matches existing categories to items.

Internal SKU Number/UPS Number – you can add to your importing list.

Unit of measurement/Vendor – these items should be added before importing your product/services. Otherwise system can not set these features to your imported items.

Likewise, you can import financial data: cost price, selling price, quantity on hand, reorder point, COGS/Income/Asset accounts. Accounts that you are importing should exist in the system.

Importing Chart of accounts – you can import your own chart of accounts to the system.

Account type – specify the type of your accounts. They should be same as in the system. (Mandatory)

Code – account codes should not be duplicated or existed in the system. (Mandatory)

Name – indicate the name of the account (Mandatory)

Besides you can import description and make enable/disable for showing in expense claims or receiving payments to this account.

Importing Bank account transactions – you can import your bank account transactions. Transaction date and amount are mandatory. Besides would be imported Payee, Description, Reference, Transaction type, Cheque No., Account code, Tax type.

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