Process Payrun

Process Payrun function can be found in the More dropdown of the Payslip List and in the Payroll Settingssections. By choosing this option, you will be able to process payslips in bulk for employees with the same pay period. In the form, the fields are as follows:

Choose Payrun – you need to choose pay period i.e. weekly, monthly, etc.

Choose Date – this is recorded as pay date on the issued payslips.

Week/Month Number – choose week/month for which you would like to process payrun.

Change Status for all – choose the status for all payslips that will be issued.

Once the form is filled in, the employees’ list will be loaded. Employees that you do not need to include in the current payrun can be unticked. You can make changes in employee’s payslip by clicking the Pay More function. Further details of employee’s payslip can be viewed using the View Details function. To move on, click Next to view the finalised list of employees with their payment details. A particular individual’s payslip can be viewed by clicking theDetails function. If you want to exclude some employee from payrun, click the cross on the right of each record.

You can click Finish and send PDF payslips to your employees.

Rollback P11

In the Payroll module, Rollback P11 is a function that lets you remove entries in the P11 form for a specified period. In the Rollback P11 form, you need to choose employee whose P11 form you are going to edit, choose appropriate tax year, month, week and click Rollback to complete the operation.

Edit Payslip

To edit a payslip, go to the Payslip List and choose the Edit Payslip function from the Actions dropdown list. Make changes and save the draft, commit to P11, export as PDF version or calculate the gross pay.

View Tax Code Changes

This functionality can be found in the Forms/Report section. It keeps track of all tax code changes for your employees. Changes of tax codes are done through Payroll Settings.

View NI Category Changes

This listing records all the NI Category changes that are made through Payroll Settings. The feature can be found in the Form/Reports section.

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