Payroll Settings

Add New Pension Providers

Go to the Payroll Settings and click the Pension Providers function which forwards you to add a new pension provider. Fill in the fields such as pension provider details and pension provider bank details. Click Save & Close to finish the operation.

Add New Pension Scheme

To add a new pension scheme, go to Payroll Settings, click the Pension Schemes function and click Add Newfrom the top menu. It records the list of all pension schemes registered for your company. Provide information in fields such as pension scheme details, employee contribution, stake holder and employer contribution. For more information about each field you can find in Payroll Guidebook that can be viewed through the Help function located on the top main menu.

View Pension Scheme Details

Go to the Payroll Settings and click Pension Schemes where you will find the Pension Scheme Details option from the Actions dropdown list. You can view the information you have entered while adding the scheme. The details form can be edited directly from this page.

Edit Pension Scheme Details

To edit pension scheme details, the Actions dropdown helps you; it has an Edit Pension Scheme option. Make changes in the scheme and click Save & Close below.

Remove Pension Scheme

Go to the Payroll Settings and click the Pension Schemes feature. The list of pension schemes will appear. From the Actions dropdown, choose Remove to delete the scheme from the list.

View PAYE Tax Bands

The PAYE tax brands feature helps you keep records of PAYE tax bands in the system. To view the PAYE tax bands, you need to open the Payroll Settings page and click PAYE Tax Bands.

View NI Bands

To view NI bands, go to the Payroll Settings and click the NI Bands & Rates function. It helps you record the NI rates in the system.

Maintain Student Loan Limits

To maintain student loan limits, go to the Payroll Settings section and click the Student Loan function. Fill in the form which appears on your screen and click Save & Close.

Add New Payment Categories

Payment categories can be added through the Payment Categories page in the Payroll Settings section. You need to provide information in fields that are highlighted with red signs.

Edit Payment Categories

Edit Payment Category is located in the Action dropdown list of the Payment Categories page. Click this option to make changes and save the operation.

Remove Payment Categories

You can find the Remove Payment Category function from the Actions dropdown in the Payment Categorysection. Once you choose this option, you will need to choose Yes to continue or No to cancel the operation.

Add New Deduction Category

The deduction category can be added through the Payroll Settings page. Open the Deduction Categories list and click Add New and fill in the fields such as code and name of the category, select PAYE purposes, NIC purposes, pension purposes, etc from the dropdown, and then after you have completed the operation, click Save & Close.

Edit Deduction Category

The Edit Category function can be found in the Actions dropdown of the Deduction Categories section. You need to make changes and click Save & Close below.

Remove Deduction Category

The deduction category can be deleted using the Remove Deduction Category function which is located in theActions list.

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