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Validity Periods

Validity Periods are used to configure performance appraisals, goal management and bonus distribution cycles. You can use validity periods while adding goals and performance appraisals.

Add/Edit Validity Period

In order to add validity period, go to HRMS Settings – Validity PeriodsAdd Validity Period.

Indicate the following details and save the validity period:

Validity Period Name – a Short name like “Setting SMART Goals”

Description –Short description

Date – Date when validity period starts

To Date – Date when validity period ends

Related to – Select related to options: appraisal, goal, and bonus.


 Contact Support Team to enable the Add Bonus Type of Validity   Period feature.

 If there are already validity periods in the system which overlap from and to dates, the system will give an error message.

Remove Validity Period

You can remove the validity period, only if the period has not been used in appraisals, goals or in bonus distributions. To remove the validity period, select the Period from Validity Period’s listing and click Remove from the Action dropdown.

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