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Departments section keeps track of departments and their members in your company.

To see departments go to Projects >> Departments 

New Department

To create a new Department, go to either Project Management or HRMS module and then go to Department section. Click on Add New button and fill in the form. You need to assign members and a department leader to a new department.

A department leader will be able to approve leave requests, expense claims of department members.

Department Summary

This page shows the details of the department such as when it was created, by whom it was created, members of the department and the leader of the department. You can also convert the department summary to a PDF version by click on the PDF icon.

Edit Department

To edit a department, please click on the Actions dropdown in the Department’s list and make changes to the department such as changing the department leader, changing the name, description or the start date.

Also, you can remove some of the employees from the department either by unchecking the checkbox or by clicking the remove action. By default, when you remove employees from a department, they are moved to Company Employees department. Note that one employee cannot be a member of two or more departments.

When an employee is moved to another department, the further timesheet entries will be reflected in a new department’s timesheet report. Older timesheet entries will be reflected in old department’s timesheet report.

Department Notes

You can leave some notes to the department you belong to. To do that, please go to Departments section, click on actions dropdown and choose Department Notes. You can make the notes public or private and save.

Delete Department

To delete a department, please go to Departments section and click on the actions dropdown and “Remove”. Once you approve removing an existing department, you will be asked to move department members to another department.

Department Issues

In this section, you can add and keep track of issues related to the department. To create a new issue in the system, click on New Issue button and fill in the form.  All members of the department are able to create issues and view existing ones by default.

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