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Project Summary

The Project Summary page displays the main details of the project:

  • Project Details
  • All related Tasks
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Budget Sheet
  • Gantt Chart
  • Documents
  • Related Sales Quotes, Invoices, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Purchase Invoices, Expense Claims, Resource Utilization, Rate History, Issues and related Emails.

Involved Employees

  • Involved Employees tab shows all the assigned employees and their Time details.
  • Estimated Time – the approximate time entered by the project manager while adding the task
  • Time Spent – the sum of all the entered timesheet hours in this project
  • Actual Time – the sum of all the approved timesheet hours in this project
  • % Completed – the percentage of task completion compared to the estimated time

More Details

  • Actual Start Date – the first timesheet entered date
  • Actual End Date – the last entered timesheet date
  • Actual Cost – the multiplication of all approved hours to the related employee rates
  • Estimate Cost – the multiplication of estimated time to the wage rates
  • Waiting for Approval – all the timesheet hours that are pending for manager’s approval
  • Rejected Hours – all the timesheet hours which were rejected
  • Estimated Time – the sum of all employees estimate time (in all project tasks)
  • Time Spent – all the approved timesheet hours


Created by Aziza Israilova, 
April 2019



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