Create Project

Add Project

Click New Project and fill in the form that appears after.

Create project

The fields with the red asterisks are compulsory to fill in to save the project successfully.

1. Enter the project name and description.

2. Choose start and end dates of the project which are also compulsory fields to fill in.

3. Choose the client name, if the project relates to a client. If it relates to several clients, click Add New Client. However, the project is linked to the main client that you add first for invoicing purposes. Other clients added through the Add New Client link are just for the information purposes. You can also add links to customers/supplier through the Add Links option.


Copy from Existing Project

This function enables you to copy the details of an existing project to a new one.  Click Copy from Existing Project and choose the project from the dropdown. You can determine what information to copy by ticking the boxes Copy Client, Copy Tasks, Copy Project Assignments, Copy Task Assignments. You can also adjust tasks start dates based on the new project start date.  If you are copying the tasks as well, you can reset all tasks status to another status from the dropdown.

Once you have determined what information to copy, you can click Apply. The form will be prefilled with relevant information.


Change Numbering Settings

By default, the project number field is filled out automatically by the system. If you want to change the project number, you can just change it manually. If want to change the whole format, go to Settings > Project Management Settings > Numbering Settings.

The client code box enables the customer number to appear as a project number. Prefix is the combination of letter that appears before the project number. Suffix is the combination of letter that appear after the project number.  You can also change the place of the boxes, such that client code appears at the end for example. To do that, drag and drop the boxes. You can preview how the project number would appear after you made changes. Delimiter is the sign that separates the project prefix, number, suffix. Delimiter can be any sign like comma, dot, bracket and etc.


Additional Information

This tab shows you the custom fields you have created for the Project section.

If you have additional information to enter into the project, custom fields can help you with that. You can create custom fields from Settings > Custom Field Management Settings.

Once you create the custom field, it will show up in the Project Forms.


Involved Employees

1. Choose the employees who are involved in the project. Enter their wage rate and client charge rate.

Wage Rate is the amount that you pay for employee per hour. Client Charge Rate is the timesheet hours billed to your client for the work done on the project. Client charge rate is used in the Timesheet-Based invoice.

2. Select the project manager. The project manager is the person who will be approving the timesheet entries of employees and will have full access to the project by default (this access can be changed from the Permission Management settings).

3. Select the backup manager if there is an assistant of the project manager. The backup manager will have the same access to the project page and is able to approve/reject timesheet entries. If there are more than one backup manager, you can add new lines of managers by clicking Add New.



You can upload files and documents related to the project by clicking Upload. You can either upload to the storage or to your Google Documents and link to you existing Google Documents or to your documents.


Add Links

You can add links to other items that are related to the project. You can add links to Contacts, Cases, Events etc. Once you click the link you will be redirected to the Item’s Summary page.

Save Project

After you have filled out all the compulsory fields of the add project form, you can click Save & Close which will save the project and redirect you to the Project Listing page.

You can either Save & Add Project to save the current project and open a new form to create another new project or Save & Add Task to save the project and open a task form under the current project.

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