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Workstream is a project’s milestone. You can use workstreams to group your tasks and divide your projects into phases. For example, tasks related to design, can be included in a workstream called “Design Tasks” or tasks related to coding can be included in a workstream called “Development Stream” etc. You may even assign parent and child workstreams for particular workstream within the project.

To add a workstream to a project go to Projects, go to the project summary and click Work Breakdown Structure and click the plus button.

  • Enter the workstream name.
  • Choose start and due dates.
  • Choose the parent workstream if needed.
  • Set up due date reminder (optional)
  • Click Save.

When add a new task to the project you will be able to choose the task workstream under Dependencies tab.


Created by Aziza Israilova, 
April 2019


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