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Add a Task

Task is an activity based on a certain project that needs to be completed within a specified period of time.

To create tasks, go to the Projects section and click the Add New and fill out the form with the task details.

Tasks are related to certain projects. The system has 2 default projects: CRM Tasks and Non-project related hours.

CRM Tasks is the default project for CRM activities. All tasks created from the Sales section will be saved under this project.

Non-Project Related Hours is the default project to which you can add trivial tasks that are not related to any project. All employees are involved in this project, so you can assign any employee to the tasks.

Task number is automatically generated when you select the project. If the task is the first one in the selected project, then the task number will be T0001.

In the assignee’s box, you need to assign employees who will be working on the task. Estimated time is the approximate hours to complete the task for each employee and it is required to calculate the budget and costs of the project.

If you do not show the estimated time, the task percentage completion and budget sheet planned costs cannot be calculated.

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