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Timesheet reflects the time entries of projects and tasks. Timesheet calendar navigation lets you easily jump to the exact day/time period. The actual and planned time spent feature allows comparing the time limits assigned for the exact project and task.

The Actual Time shows the time entries for the particular week and month, whereas the Planned Time shows the employee timeslot hours per week and month.


Time Entries

Time hours can be entered by clicking the boxes under the weekdays and pressing enter. While entering total time entries, comments can also be left and saved in the comment box.

Submit the Timesheet for Approval

The pre-filled timesheet form can be submitted for project manager`s or backup manager’s approval. This function is located in the Actions dropdown on the top menu of Timesheet section.


While submitting the timesheet for approval, you need to choose the date range for which you have filled in timesheet. You can also filter by project or group by client/project name. Finally, you can view the results for the period chosen, select time entries to submit and hit proceed.

Your timesheet request will be reflected in Project Manager’s, Backup Manager’s and Administrators’ approval list.


Status of Time Hours

Once you register the time in your timesheet, it will be reflected in black meaning it has been successfully registered.

Submitted time entries for approval are shown in orange, while approved hours are in green and rejected hours in red.

If the time has not been successfully saved, the system will show it in cursive.


Status of Dates

The bold date means the current date.

Red dates mean the holidays.

Blue dates – the approved leave requests for the period.


Add Task

You can add tasks directly from the Timesheet page by clicking on the Add Task icon.  Link to create task.


Change the Status of Project/Task

In timesheet pane, you can change the status of a task. To do so, click the field under Status column of project list.

Export the Timesheet

You can export the timesheet as PDF and Excel versions by clicking functions in the Actions dropdown on the top menu of the Timesheet page.

Time-Sheet Editor Role

This role enables the user to access other employee’s timesheet and make changes to their timesheet by adding hours, submitting them for approval, changing the status of their tasks and etc.

This role can be given for users from the Employees section. Choose the employee, edit the profile, and tick theTimesheet Editor role in the Account Information part and save.

Timesheet Filter

You can filter your timesheet by Client Name, Project Name and Workstream by choosing the options from the dropdowns on top of the timesheet page.

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